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Kandy, Sweet Serenity

Welcome to Sri Lanka’s spiritual nexus. Say hello to your new natural high.

Even the word Kandy rolls off your tongue like a special sweetmeat you’ve had after a curry-drenched lunch. The locals call Kandy, Maha Nuwara, meaning the Great City, because it was in fact one of the last, great old kingdoms of Sri Lanka. Get to know the people here – while they may seem shy, they are definitely some of the friendliest and most helpful you’ll find on the island.

Area Information

The city is strewn with many historical and spiritual landmarks, restaurants serving fine hill-country cuisine and a lake at the city’s heart that will take your breath away. There are things about Kandy, though, that guide books won’t tell you; things that only being here will let you discover. So sleep, dream and discover this quiet, sleeping giant, this ancient kingdom of Kandy that made to make the sweetest of memories on!